Business Consulting
We look at your business goals and analyze the issues that keep you from meeting them: banking and payroll habits, tax strategy, growth problems, bookkeeping inefficiencies, etc. Then we make a plan to meet your goals a step at a time. With online accounting we create reports that enable you to keep a watchful eye on your business and make strategic decisions with confidence. Outsourcing your bookkeeping services is very cost-effective, and you remain in control. Our systems work for any business, especially if your goals include growing your business, working part-time, or working from different locations.  
Outsourced Bookkeeping
We perform the bookkeeping together using QuickBooks and Online accounting. A customized bookkeeping system will utilize your resources to the extent you are comfortable with and we take it from there. I supervise the bookkeeping process for you. You minimize your overhead and time while having access to up-to-date information at any time. You focus on what you do best. Learn more about it here.  
Accounting On-line with QuickBooks
At The Lardie Company we create customized, meaningful accounting systems for small and medium-sized businesses. We specialize in utilizing technology for optimal efficiency and effectiveness. By setting up your QuickBooks with an Application Service Provider (ASP) your accounting information is up-to-date, safe and accessible from your home, office or while traveling. We can easily supervise the data entry and perform some or all of the accounting functions. Learn more about it here. Case Studies
QuickBooks Services
QuickBooks Set-up We will create a customized bookkeeping system for your business and train you in using it. QuickBooks Clean-up and Tune-up Data a mess? We have seen in all. We will assist in or perform the clean-up, getting you back on track with a new system. Mid-year tune-ups keep you on track throughout the year. A year-end review gets you ready for tax reporting and analysis. Are you meeting your business goals? QuickBooks Training and Systems For new users and business owners.  Learn to use the software to manage your business effectively.  Many business functions beyond the basics can be tracked in QuickBooks with proper set-up and data entry.   Proper procedures are critical to generating meaningful reports.  Customized system checklists keep you on track and up-to-date.  
Other Services
New Business Formation and Orientation We advise you on entity options, tax compliance, payroll set-up and bookkeeping systems. We provide ongoing support for the myriad of business issues that businesses face. Tax Return Preparation We will prepare your local business property and sales tax returns. Preparation includes consultation on compliance with laws unique to your industry, maximizing deductions,  and documentation to avoid audit issues later on.  In case of an audit we will represent you at an additional charge.  We work closely with income tax professionals and prepare information for business and personal income tax preparation.  We can recommend income tax professionals when requested.