About Us

The Lardie Company is a consulting business offering financial advice and online bookkeeping services and seminars. We service small to medium-sized businesses that want to leverage technology and focus their time.

Deborah Lardie, CPA, Principal Consultant

For over 20 years Deborah had been a trusted advisor to small and medium sized businesses in the Bay Area and beyond. She takes a hands-on approach to every project.

Deborah started a bookkeeping service while earning a degree at San Francisco State University, and spent several years with local accounting firms learning the technical side of accounting and tax preparation, while working with numerous clients in various industries.

After several years as a partner in her own accounting firm, learning the nuts and bolts of running a small business from the inside, she realized the potential that the internet offers for small business accounting and started a consulting firm specializing in online accounting.

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Working With You

Every business has a unique combination of resources and talents. Recognizing this, and finding a system that makes your business work for you, is our goal. Technical and experiential accounting and taxation knowledge, combined with dedication and integrity, form the cornerstones of our services.

Case Studies
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